Widows peak - Chris Hemsworth

The Widow’s Peak – What Do I Do with It?

First of all, for those of you who may be unfamiliar with the term ‘widow’s peak’, it is a downward V-shape formation of hair in the centre of the hairline on the forehead. The name refers to a while back when widows would wear hoods following the death of their husband… A widow’s peak is […] Read more »

Thinning Hair

How to Tackle Hair Loss Head on

Not every man is blessed with a full head of hair throughout their whole life, for some, hair may begin to thin and recede. The first thought for many would be to cover it up or try a new style. There is also a good chance that you’ve tried at least one product to keep […] Read more »

Joseph performing the procedure

A New Clinic to Boost Confidence

I am so pleased to announce I have expanded my skill set and opened a new clinic to work in synergy with my barbering and hairdressing heritage. By keeping ahead of trends, I identified a growing interest in micropigmentation treatments. As more and more people are feeling the pressure to look good, they are all […] Read more »

How to keep your grooming standards high at a festival

Every summer, thousands of people pack up their tents and wellies and head to one of the UK’s many fantastic festivals, preparing to enjoy their favourite musicians. As popular as the bands are, fashion has also been a major topic at every festival, and it’s no different for us gentlemen. We like to make sure […] Read more »

Joseph Lanzante Training

So, you’re thinking of becoming a barber?

If you want to become a barber, you have chosen a great time to join the trade. It’s an exciting industry to be a part of right now as male grooming is booming. There are many people making this career their passion which is excellent. The first thing you need to consider is, are you 100% sure […] Read more »


Iconic hairstyles that changed male grooming

2013 was the first year men spent more money on male-specific toiletries than on shaving products. This week, we thought that we should take a look back on the most iconic hairstyles that helped transform the male grooming market into a multi-million-pound industry.   David Beckham – Undercut / textured quiff Perhaps one of the […] Read more »


Bleach Blonde? Our thoughts on the latest trend

You don’t have to look very far to recognise that Bleach Blonde hair is becoming a growing trend amongst young men. Football stars Lionel Messi, Neymar (both of Barcelona) and Aaron Ramsey (Arsenal) have tried the look, as well as pop star Justin Bieber, global rapper Kanye West and Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine, […] Read more »

david beckham

The Best Hairstyles for a New Look This Father’s Day

As Father’s Day approaches, I want men to know that they deserve to indulge in some me-time, and what better way to do that than with a new hairstyle and a freshly groomed beard? At Joseph Lanzante, tradition always means trendy and so here is a collection of some of our favourite styles on fashionable […] Read more »


Super Styles for Summer

We are fast approaching the summer months where the days get longer, the music gets louder and our social lives become busier than ever. Therefore, having the perfect haircut is imperative. Whether you’re rocking a mohawk at a European festival or perfecting that undercut for a fortnight in Ibiza, we have the lowdown on the […] Read more »

Sam Benzema 2 (2)

What Style Suits Your Hairdo?

No matter where you go, men’s grooming has changed in such a way, that you’ll never see just one style collectively. There will be a variety of different fashion choices on display combined with a range of haircuts. Below is a list of the four most popular hairstyles and which fashions they are best suited […] Read more »

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