Invisible Bonds with VIDAHAIR

VIDAHAIR EXTENSIONS is an Italian manufacturer of high quality natural hair extensions, also producing every type of system currently on the market: keratin bond, tape, weft, clip as well as other extension accessories. VIDAHAIR extensions guarantee the highest quality of hair and products.

VIDAHAIR EXTENSIONS PATENTED TRIMMER TECHNOLOGY hair extension system was developed by Vinicio Flamini, hair extensions’ specialist of some 20 years, in conjunction with Vidahair Extensions. The aim was to create and revolutionize the technique of lengthening and thickening, to create something innovating to stylists with a unique system suitable for all targets of customers. This style of extensions goes above and beyond anything currently on the market, presenting an entirely new technique and solving many previous issues found with existing techniques. TRIMMER TECHOLOGY can be completely customized; you can now apply anything from 1-1000 hairs at a time. This means that a whole new clientele can be added to your business. Also, Vidahair have developed a new KERATIN BOND system that is flexible, flat and invisible, complementing its trimmer technology for total customer satisfaction.

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