Interesting Facts About Barbering

We all know that there’s more to barbering than just cutting hair, but just how much more is surprising. We have collated a list of some of the most interesting facts that we could find about barbering, so take a look and see how many you knew.



The word ‘barber’ comes from the Latin word ‘barba’, meaning beard. In many ancient cultures beards signified wisdom, strength, and manhood.




Barbering is one of the oldest professions in the world. There are tomb paintings from ancient Egypt that show a barber cutting hair, along with relics of razors nearly 6,000 years old.


barber hyroglyph


In the Middle Ages, barbers also treated wounds, performed surgery and amputation as well as leeching and dental work.


Barber surgeon inspecting head


In 1450, an Act of Parliament prohibited barbers from performing surgery.- Surgeons were also banned from cutting hair, but both professions could still extract teeth.


Barber extracting teeth


In ancient Rome, barbers dressed cuts with spiders’ webs soaked in vinegar.


Spider Web


According to the Oxford Dictionary, ‘lotium’ was a word for ‘stale urine used by barbers’. They used it as a kind of shampoo.


Shampooing man's hair


The symbolic barber pole evolved from bloodletting with the white stripe representing the bandages, the red the blood, and the blue the veins




Many states in the USA require a barber license in order to practice barbering professionally.


Barber certificate



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