Beard vs Clean Shaven

What is the best choice for you, a clean-shaven look or a rugged beard? Well that depends on your individual preference. We’ve compiled a list of pros and cons to help you decide.


Clean Shave


A beard can be a real commitment; it takes time and patience to perfect, so shaving might be the best option for you. With a quick brush of a razor you can completely remove any facial hair in seconds, which is less hassle than trying to grow and maintain a full beard.

A clean shave can also make you appear younger. A smooth, shaved style allows your facial structure to become more prominent, particularly the jaw bone.

If you struggle to grow a beard, shaving will help avoid sparse patches of unsightly hair, whilst allowing your facial structure to look stronger and more defined. Men continue to develop facial hair in their 20s and 30s, so if you are still relatively young, the fight is not over yet!



The main downside of shaving is the possibility of irritation and cutting the skin. Your face can become red with raised bumps if the proper care is not taken when carrying out your shaving routine.  If you are choosing a clean-cut, make sure to use the right products during and after to help soothe and cool the skin post-shave.

It is common to get ingrown hairs when clean shaving, if you are not careful with your shaving technique. Be sure to follow the grain of hair when shaving, mainly taking the razor down in straight lines whilst doing small increments at a time.

Stylistically, beards are the ‘in’ thing, so if you like to follow trends, a clean shave may not be the best option!




Beards are very on trend at the moment and a really well-groomed beard is definitely becoming more and more desirable. Despite its popularity, only a few men can grow their facial hair thick enough to give the look of a solid beard, so perseverance is key!

Celebrities have always been key figures in influencing how we like to style ourselves. In recent times we’ve seen Brad Pitt and Tom Hardy go from a clean shave to a beard. It’s no wonder why many men have adopted a bearded style!

Once your beard is long enough, you can manipulate it into different styles. A beard can be made formal, with a tight and short finish around the neck and cheekbones, or simply left to stand freely for a messier look, for instance. It is all down to personal preference, but you have a lot of choice!



A full beard is very high maintenance! It takes regular visits to your barber or a personal knack to keep on top of the style, which might not work for men with a busy day to day routine!

Growing a beard takes a lot of time and patience. Whilst growing a beard to your desired length, men can go through a stage of looking slightly rugged and unkempt, if you prefer a more groomed look, you should probably avoid the hassle of growing a beard.

When starting off your beard’s growth, some men do complain about irritation, much like a clean shave. This is from the hair starting to poke out of the skin. However, once your beard grows longer, irritation tends to go away. The temporary irritation at the start of a beard growing phase is definitely more short term and less painful than the irritation after clean shaving!


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