Which hair product is best for your style?

Every man has their own sense of style. Hair texture, length, size and structure all contribute to ensuring your look is unique. Understanding your own genetic features will allow you to determine the styling products that are best suited to your hair and style.



Pomade is arguably one of the most popular hair products used by men – it was even Elvis Presley’s personal choice! It is specifically designed to manipulate your hair into a slick combed-back style or classic side parting.

Pomade is the go-to product for men that are wanting a classic, neat and tidy look. Perfect for people with thick, untrainable hair. Pomade is great for keeping flyaway hair in the preferred slick back style.

Top tip:  No matter what your hair type or style, too much Pomade can become quite greasy if overused.





Paste and hair wax has really taken off in recent years, especially with the younger generation, as it requires little work, but achieves great results.

Both products have quite a thick consistency, which is ideal if you need to add some volume, as they both provide thickness.  Your hair can also be reworked throughout the day, unlike a gel or pomade that gives a glued down look and feel.

A paste or wax option would be ideal for men with both thin and thick hair due to its versatility, as well as being an all-rounder for longer and shorter styles.



Hairspray is another great product that can be very useful depending on how you use it. One of its key features is its ability to hold the hair once styled. When sprayed it dries and becomes hard, ideal for men that are seeking that formal finish.

Alongside the benefits for classic hairstyles, hairspray is also perfect for long or textured hair to add volume. Once sprayed, the hair can be styled and manipulated before the spray dries, giving a voluminous finish.


Textured/Volumising Powder

Texture powder is a relatively new product that has increased in popularity in recent years. Designed to be sprinkled into the hair and then styled accordingly, the product is very dry and adds a thicker feel to hair strands. The powder is great for reducing grease, so would be ideal for people who are susceptible to oily hair.

If you’re looking for a messy and textured look, this product will be the perfect choice for you. Add a small amount of powder at a time until you reach your desired volume, ensuring that not too much product is applied at once as it can make the hair clump together if too much product is used.


Wet Look/Gel

A gel formula is the best tool for anyone wanting to achieve a wet look hairstyle. Once applied, the gel leaves a wet and slick effect on the hair.

Wet look gel is more suited to either a formal swept overlook or those wishing to incorporate spikes.


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