2018 Beard Trends

Over the years, having facial hair has been immensely popular, from long ‘hipster’ beards to that five o’clock shadow, there has always been a style to suit each face shape. With the new year well underway, the beard trend is still in full force.

At any length, the best-looking beards are kept well-groomed to maintain their shape, whether this means doing it yourself or visiting a barber.

Take a look at these four beard styles we recommend for 2018, including expert advice on how to grow and maintain each look.



This is a good opportunity for people who have less facial hair and can’t properly grow a beard. I have a couple of tips which can help make your stubble more of a feature, rather than the ‘I haven’t shaved for a week’ look. Allow it to grow until it gets itchy; use the lines created by your bone structure to help guide where you want to keep the stubble, then wet shave everything else.

It’s important to exfoliate and moisturise your skin if you want this look. If you like to wet shave, use a good quality razor for the cheek lines but a beard trimmer also does the trick!




Full Beard

This is a style that has passed the test of time, which never goes out of style. A full beard can be a very versatile look; if well groomed it can exude sophistication, while a messy, unkept style could be the rugged look you’ve been aiming for.

Growing a beard shouldn’t take too long – around one month, but you need to be confident that you have enough facial hair growth as you don’t want to have any patches or uneven lines.

I recommend fortnightly maintenance, either by yourself or your barber whilst using beard oil to keep your hair hydrated.
Full Beard


Pronounced Moustache

One trend that will take off in 2018 is emphasising the moustache. You can do this if you have a full beard and want to spice up your look, as leaving the hair to grow more pronounced on the upper lip is something that will provide contrast and shape to your face. Never trim above the lip and use a moustache comb to straighten it out and help it become more pronounced.


Pronounced Moustache


Longer Beard

Having a longer beard will only work for those who have extensive facial hair growth and will work well if you’re looking to grow out your full beard. It is a statement piece that projects a rugged and masculine image, however it will require a lot of maintenance.

Whilst growing out your beard, don’t remove any weight from the chin to neck, only trim the lines on the cheeks when they get too high as they must be sharp in order to contrast with the longer growth below.

Once it is the required length, invest in a high-quality beard shampoo/conditioner to help the hair retain its moisture, otherwise it could flake and cause the unsightly beard dandruff. I would advise doing this once every few days.

Long Beard


If you would like some expert advice, head down to The Mens Room in Clitheroe or Manchester and we will be on hand to help you.

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