How to Keep your Hair Healthy this Winter

During these colder months, the cool winter air can take its toll on your hair and cause damage. The most common problems can be an itchy scalp, dry hair or even the shortest lengths getting knottier than usual. If you find yourself tackling these problems during winter, this blog will offer you the solutions to keep your hair healthy through the New Year.


Itchy Scalp

Dry air generated by the central heating can strip moisture away from the scalp which causes it to itch. If you have any split ends or small white flakes, often known as dandruff, it a sign that your hair isn’t getting the nourishment it needs.



To look after your scalp and ensure your hair is healthy, wash your hair often using an organic shampoo or oil and gently massage into the scalp. This will help improve circulation and reduce stress.




Dry Hair:

Even a drop in the temperature can play havoc with your hair. Moisture can be removed due to low temperatures outside, leaving your hair dry, dull and very brittle


For a long time, there has been a belief that conditioners are not part of a man’s hair care routine, however there are a lot of benefits to conditioning. It makes it soft and smooth and also keeps the scalp clean. Try to do this 2-3 times a week to add moisture back into your hair.

Also, when showering, it is always best to wash with warm or cool water rather than hot water as this can strip your hair of its nutrients, resulting in dry and brittle hair.





Even if you don’t have the longest of locks, wind can tangle any hair length, resulting in knots which cause the individual strands to rub together. Untangling these knots by using a brush can cause the hairs to break and fall out.



Use detangling spray and a comb to gently remove the knots without pulling at the hair. If you decide to use a brush, make sure it has softer bristles to lessen the force on your scalp. Contrary to popular belief, it’s important to regularly brush your hair, no matter what length, as this encourages hair growth and stimulates circulation on the scalp.




For more information on male hair care, pop into The Mens Room in Clitheroe or Manchester and our expert barbers will be on hand to help.

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