How to Decorate your Beard this Christmas

The festive period is not complete without Christmas decorations, whether that is your Christmas tree, house – or your beard! Yes, that’s right, every year, beard lights, bells, baubles and glitter make an appearance and we’ve rounded up the best beard with all the full festive trimmings.

Beard Baubles

The popularity of beard decoration began with the classic Christmas tree ornament, the bauble. You can now get miniature ones that clip into any length of facial hair which will stay in place all day long. If you don’t fancy getting tangled up with fairy lights during the festivities, why not add these to your beard to get into the holiday spirit?

Beard Baubles - BEARDAMENTS



Beard Lights

Put the spotlight on your luscious bearded locks with a string of jazzy fairy lights. You’ll be the talk of the Christmas party and will definitely brighten up the long dark winter nights.
Top Tip: Be gentle when removing the lights as they could get a little jumbled up.  These eye-catching accessories take the holiday spirit to a whole new level.


Beard Lights - East Village Instagram

East Village Instagram

Beard Bells

If you are a fan of Christmas carolling, these beard bells will be the perfect accompaniment to jingle your way through the festive season.
Warning: These accessories may cause irritation – to everyone around you, but we think it’s worth it!


Beard Bells


Beard Glitter

At any other time of the year you might shy away from wearing glitter in your beard but definitely not at Christmas, tis the season to sparkle of course! Why not add a touch of festive cheer and turn your face into the ultimate Christmas accessory? Simply apply beard oil or hairspray to your facial hair and smother it in glitter, be careful not to breathe it in, this is a very messy process but the end result looks incredible!
Warning: Be prepared to find glitter around your home for the next few months at least!


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