How to Trim and Fade a Beard Neckline

Growing a beard takes more than just patience, it requires quite a bit of maintenance. To achieve a stylish and sophisticated look, it is key to trim and fade your neckline. Having a messy neckline can make even the neatest of beards appear ungroomed so, I believe it is an important skill for all gents to know. Follow my guide on how to trim and fade your neck to achieve the perfect style to suit you.

Where to Trim

Before you begin, it is essential to know where to cut. Envision a curved line between both ears and a middle point above the Adam’s apple. To find the ideal line for your beard to finish, place your middle finger on your Adam’s apple and your index finger just above it. The point directly above these two fingers is the best spot for the lowest section of your facial hair.


Where to Trim

How to Shave and Fade

Now that you know where your facial hair should end, the shaving process can begin. Adjust the razor two settings below your beard length and shave everything below the line you have visualised, buzzing the area carefully and neatly. Even if your beard is long, you’ll still want the hair below your neckline to be relatively short.

To avoid a hard, dividing line between your skin and strands, you’ll need to fade the neckline. Adjust the razor again to one or two settings shorter. Target the same area above the Adam’s apple and trim the bottom half on this shorter setting and leave the top half at the length of the original setting. Don’t forget to buzz all remaining stray hairs between your imaginary line and chest hair for a clean finish.



Maintaining a well-groomed beard and neckline requires aftercare. To keep your facial hair looking and feeling its best, use a post shave balm or aftershave gel to help moisturise the skin. This will keep itching and flaking under control.

My range of after shave gels are rich in avocado oil and vitamin E which will refresh and cool the skin. Simply add a small amount of the gel or balm to the area that has been shaved and you will instantly feel the soothing effects.

Aftershave Product Post Shave Product


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