Autumn Hairstyles for Men

Have you been thinking about changing your hairstyle but lacked inspiration when it came to finding a new one? You don’t have to change your complete style, sometimes all you need is a bit of product to create more texture or volume. I have put together my favourite, tried and tested hairstyles that are easy to pull off on blustery autumn days.


The Short Back and Sides

This hairstyle is exactly what it sounds like – short hair all around the base of the head and then a longer top. It is easy to style and maintain, you only need to use a bit of hair gel to keep the sides smoothed down and the top in shape. You can either keep the top flattened down or try messing it up for a textured look, either one will give you a modern edgy vibe. If you have thin hair, my advice would be to keep the top messy as this adds volume and creates a nice contrast to the short sides.

It is a great hairstyle for autumn because if you are looking to slick back your hair or keep it textured, the weather is a perfect temperature to stop any product from melting away.

Short Back and Sides

The Military

If you would rather just jump out of bed in the morning without spending too much time grooming your hair, then this hairstyle might be the cut for you. It gives you a smart overall finish and you will still have enough hair to work with so that it doesn’t look like a complete buzz cut.

There are a number of ways to style this cut but the most popular tend to be the look with shaved sides and a short top with minimal texture. A little bit of stubble or a beard will complement this look, try adding a small amount of hair product to stop the front from looking like it’s glued to your head.



The Loose Quiff

The quiff is a classic look that can be styled in different ways. The loose quiff is a style worn for dramatic effect; David Gandy can often be seeing styling this trend at high-profile events, showing us just how great it looks.

As with any quiff hairstyle, you need a lot of hair, the thicker the better as this ensures that there is a good ‘wave’ shape, which will form the base of your look.

Ask your barber for the traditional quiff haircut but explain that you are going to be wearing it loose. That way your barber will know to remove some weight and chop it down in length.

This style requires maintenance and technique to achieve the best results. Start with damp hair so you can blow dry it backwards and then create the looseness by working a small amount of styling paste through from root to tip.

image sourced from allthingshair

Full Long Locks

If you fancy growing your hair, it will take some patience and perseverance as taking a good 6-8 months to grow from a shortcut. Be sure to take frequent trips to your barbers to tidy up the ends.

A shoulder-length style works particularly well if you have textured or curly hair as it helps to create some softness to the look. That way, your hair looks more natural and relaxed. If your hair lacks a little in volume, try using some hairspray or wax to liven it up a little.

Full Long Locks

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