This Year’s Movember Trends

Movember is an annual event, where people across the world grow moustaches to raise money and awareness of men’s health issues. Whether you’re dedicated to the cause, trialling a new hair-do or just really competitive, Movember has become a sensational success and is a great thing to be a part of.

The facts… Movember started when a group of men in Melbourne decided to revive the old fashion trend – ‘The Moustache’.  This then went on as a fund-raising activity to raise money and awareness of prostate cancer. Today, men join the event to tackle major health issues such as; prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention.

The rules are simple: sign up online, raise as much money as you can and start the first day of November with a cleanly shaven face (no cheating).

To help you get ready for Movember, I have a few styles and tips that can help you decide which look to go for.


The Handlebar Moustache

The ‘handlebar’ moustache is not one that can be overlooked for Movember, with its curved ends that spiral towards the cheekbone, it is a firm favourite for this time of year.  Styling this moustache is easy; use a small amount moustache wax to twirl the ends outwards to create the curved ends.

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The Artist

Previously inspired by French painters, this thin and wispy style is easily attainable. With little grooming and maintenance, this understated and simplistic look makes a great choice for Movember. The key is to let your beard grow to the edge of the lip and no further. To emphasise the look, try adding wax to the edges.


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The Adventurous Rock-Star

For daring men, who want to take Movember to the next level. We recommend ‘The Rock Star’ look. Think Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles and John Mayer. Achieve this style by simply allowing your moustache to grow further out to the edges of your cheeks.

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Chevron Moustache

This requires dedication, commitment and good genes. For this style you need to have coarse hair and the patience to let it grown, it also works best if you have naturally straight hair. Maintain this moustache by simply trimming the hairs to keep it looking tidy.


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The Pencil

Why not try this minimalist style, it makes an excellent, non-committal and office-friendly take on Movember. To avoid the ‘Vincent Price’ look, some people pair this with a ‘goatee’ beard and use trimmers to keep a tidy, organised appearance.

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To help raise awareness of a great cause, head over to


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