Long Hairstyles for Men

For the lucky few out there who have a full head of hair, there are many different ways to style it, you can grow it out to one length or leave it long on top whilst keeping your sides and back short.

With longer hair and looser hairstyles becoming a growing trend this year, put the electric trimmer down, back away from the barber’s chair and let your locks grow. There are plenty of styles you can try out before the new year.


Shoulder Length

This hairstyle requires the hair to be trimmed to one length. Feel free to play around with this look as there are different ways to style it. You can part the hair to the side, slick it back or just let it hang down naturally. My only advice would be, to avoid a middle parting as this will take away that natural look and instead add a rigid, structured finish.

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Perm Curl

Men who have long, thick, curly hair will benefit from the Perm Curl as the longer length will help weigh down your curls, keeping them defined and less likely to turn frizzy. Use a lightweight serum or leave-in conditioner to prevent frizz and keep your curls in place. If you are looking for a ruffled and informal look, this hairstyle is perfect for you!


Man Bun

Yes, you guessed it, a discussion of long hairstyles is not complete without the man bun. Whether you love or hate this hairstyle, the man bun is a cool way to tie back long hair. The easiest way to style this look is to start with a ponytail but only pull hair partially through the elastic at the end, leaving some hair loose. The style can be adapted depending on how comfortable you want your hair to feel and how much time you’re willing to put in.

Long hair 3 - image sourced from httpstheidleman.commanualmens-hair5-best-hairstyles-long-hair

Whichever style you decide to go for, use styling products such as hair gel, mousse or cream to add the right volume and texture for your desired look.

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