The Widow’s Peak – What Do I Do with It?

First of all, for those of you who may be unfamiliar with the term ‘widow’s peak’, it is a downward V-shape formation of hair in the centre of the hairline on the forehead. The name refers to a while back when widows would wear hoods following the death of their husband…

A widow’s peak is unavoidable, as this style of hairline comes down to your genetics.

Some males will appreciate this strong hairline, but there may also be some of you who have trouble styling it. However, the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio and Chris Hemsworth have proven just how well a widow’s peak can look when styled properly.

To help you, here are a few styling tricks that I recommend to help control it.


Embrace the peak!

Whatever you decide to do, do not attempt to shave it, this will give a terrible stubble aftermath and cause your hairline to look disrupted. Instead, look at different hairstyles that can be adopted to manage your widow’s peak!

Undercut and Pompadour 

The undercut and the pompadour are two hairstyles that will emphasise your peak. The short sides and a slick back under-cut will give you a nice symmetrical style and is great if you like the retro look. Both cuts have a high style factor so they require a bit of maintenance but if you put the effort in, the results will be worth it. Widows peak - Chris Hemsworth


If you aren’t too sure about showing off your peak, the fade is one of those timeless hairstyles where you simply can’t go wrong. It can be styled to your liking, so if you have a bit of a fringe you can keep it long enough to be brushed forward if you prefer. This cut doesn’t require much maintenance and can add a massive amount of style to your hair.


My overall advice would be to work with your barber to find out which hair style suits the peak and your face shape so you can feel confident in your appearance.










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