Prepare a cut throat shave

Cut-throat shaving is something I am very passionate about. Due to modernisation over the past two decades people have been turning to disposable products for ease. But there is nothing quite like visiting your barbershop and enjoying a cut-throat wet shave. Men take pride in their appearance as much as women these days and also deserve to be pampered and a cut-throat shave is just what some men need.

However, as this method uses an extremely delicate process, it is very important that client consultation and preparation is mastered before beginning the shave.

Firstly, it’s key that you communicate with your client, to help ease them of any worries. Being confident and professional at all times will also reassure your client that they are in safe hands.

You should begin by checking the facial skin of the client. This can give you a clear indication of any infections, moles, scars or uneven skin that they may have. This will then highlight any areas of the face which may be sensitive for the client. It means you will know if you need to adjust your technique or product choice accordingly. This will also give you the opportunity to kindly ask them to remove any piercings, which may interfere with the shave.

The next step is to check that the client’s chair is fully secure and locked into place. After you have checked the seat, ask your customer if they are seated comfortably in the reclined position. You must then provide your client with clean towels, which will fully protect all their items of clothing.

Now it’s time to moisturise the clients face. This is completed using a pre shave lotion, by massaging the face gently for approximately two minutes, which will help relax the skin in preparation for the shave. You should avoid the eyes, nose and mouth, as this could be uncomfortable for the client.

The next part of the process is to use the hot towel. Before applying it to the clients face you must first check the temperature of the towel just to make sure you don’t burn them. When placing the hot towel over the face make sure it is not covering the nose so they don’t struggle to breath. Don’t forget to remove the towel before it turns cold otherwise it is a waste of time to begin with.

Use shaving soap for the final stage of prep to create a creamy lather on the face. Use a high quality brush to create a rich and warm lather that will soften and lift the facial hair off the skin.

I hope that these tips that I have provided will give both you and your client more confidence with the cut-throat shave. This traditional method will add a serious weapon to your salons armoury, allowing you to boost turnover!

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