Six Tips for Setting Up Shop

Considering opening your own barber shop? Let me give you a few vital health and safety tips to reduce the risk of unhappy or even potentially injured customers.

The Big Number 1… Insurance

Correct insurance is critical, especially if you plan on using cut throat razors as part of your service. Sometimes when we want to skip past all the boring legal parts we miss out on important information and realise afterwards that not everything is covered. So check every last detail before you settle with an insurance company.

2. Consult with the Client

Before you go ahead and book a client in to have any kind of service, you must be informed of any allergies they have or infestations/medical issues such as inflamed skin. It is important for you and your other customers, so firstly you can grace said client with wonderful customer care and offer them products which will not irritate them. It also means other clients don’t leave the salon with anything like the childhood burden known as head lice.

3. Check Your Chair

The inspection of the chair is very important. The height needs to be adjusted after every client to ensure it is comfortable for them. Making sure the chair is locked into place is crucial, as one slip whilst performing a shave can turn one relaxing grooming session into a nightmare.

4. Use Gloves

Gloves are used as a basic hygiene procedure. They ensure no infections cross between you and the client. Latex gloves are the most common choice, however if have an allergy to them, non-latex gloves will also do the job, providing that they are well fitted in order to get a comfortable grip of the razor which in turn allows you to feel the tension on the skin.

 5. Towels

Any towel that is used on a client must be clean and fresh, nobody wants a used towel on their skin. Also when doing a hot towel shave, the temperature of the towel must be checked before applying it to the clients face as the skin is very sensitive to heat.

Finally point number 6. Sterilisation

Any tool or product that has come into contact with the client must be sterilised to reduce the risk of spreading germs and diseases and helps to maintain a perfectly polished salon. To do this, you need sterilising solution that can be purchased from most beauty stores, wipe the products of any hairs and submerge in the solution for around 20 minutes, then wipe dry. Do not use on clients if the solution has not been wiped off.

I hope these tips have helped answer any questions you may have, if you still want to know more about barbering, there are video tutorials and products you may be interested in on

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